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1901 - was born in Shusha 20.08.1901.

1910 - Got education in shusha real school.

1915 - He was a student of Islam Abdullayev.

1918 - Moved to Aghdam with his family.

1918 - Despite the complicated nature of Kurd Shahnaz, his performance impressed the guests to the point of them comparing Isfandiyar to Abul Hasan Khan and saying: "Now, here`s the real Khan.

1919 - Military conscription in Ganja.

1920 - Uzeyir Hajibeyov offer Khan organize concert in Aghdam.

1923 - First appearance in Baku.

1924 - Get acquainted with Samad Vurgun in Ganja.

1926 - Created folk instrumental music ensemble with his brother Allahyar in Aghdam.

1928 - Has Invited officially to Tifli and Iran .

1932 - Get acquainted with composer Asef Zeynalli.

1934 - Took place in state ceremony in Baku.

1934 - Khan Shushinski took the first place prize in Transcaucasia peoples I art Olympiad held in Tbilisi.

1934 - Took place in 150th anniversary of Lermontov and read his poem.

1936 - Meet with Samad Vurgun again in Aghdam and poet gave poem dedicated to Khan "Havalansın Xanın Səsi, Qarabağın şikəstəsi" ( sound khan`s voice, Karabakh`s shikeste).

1936 - Create first song "Gemerim".

1939 - Moved with the family to Baku, where provided housing and jobs in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic.

1942 - Mugham part performed by Khan has entered to documentary film dedicated to Georgian hero Georgy Saakadzeh created by "Mosfilm" and "Georgianfilm" cinema studio.

1943 - Awarded with the title of people`s artist.

1943 - Met with Russian folk-lore scientist.

1944 - He has been to tour in Iran during 3 months with Azerbaijan art and culture figures.

1946 - Took place in the ceremonies  of mutual competition and exchange of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan  advanced people in agriculture and cultural workers.

1956 - Took place as khanende in "If Not That One, Then This One" operetta in by Uzeyir Hajibeyov.

1959 - Moskvada keçirilən Azərbaycan ədəbiyyatı və incəsənəti ongünlüyündə iştirak edir.

1969 - Member of the board of judges in the "Golden autumn" music festival held in Baku.

1970 və 1976 - Create mugham studio in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall.

1971 - Held 70th anniversary in Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall.

1973-1979 - Teacher in the music school named after Asef Zeynalli.

1979 - Died on March 18 in 1979 in Baku.





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